Small Office Move

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Small Office Move

At Junk Command, we are your trusted office movers in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN, and we provide a complete offering of business moving services and office relocation solutions. Our office movers haul away any old and unwanted office junk, including old office equipment, e-waste, office debris/trash, furniture, and more. You just sit back and relax. At Junk Command of Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN, our office moving company will take care of the rest!

At Junk Command, we understand the needs of small business owners. We offer courteous and efficient services that are designed to keep you in the game. Our customized junk removal frees up your time and resources so that you can grow your business while letting us clean up for you. Focus on what you do best - we'll do the same.

Complete, Eco-Friendly Business Relocation Services

From lifting and loading to taking down cubicles, we can help with your downsizing project, business relocation, or renovation. Our business office movers haul away unwanted equipment, electronic waste, office debris, furniture, and other items that you no longer need. We'll leave your small office clean and clear and ready for a new imprint. That's one less thing you have to worry about.

As reputable office moving company in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN, we offer a complete business relocation services that handles all aspects of your company's move. We take away everything from file cabinets and lamps to generators, scrap metal, and paper. Then, we sort, donate, and recycle your junk in responsible, environmentally-friendly ways. Our team of company movers is always looking for new and innovative ways to reduce and reuse, so you know you're getting a service that's committed to you, committed to the planet, and committed to the best practices within our industry. That's part of the cornerstone of our philosophy.

Customized Business Moving Service in Minneapolis-St-Paul

Junk Command is a family-owned business that serves the great Minneapolis-St. Paul area, and we value small offices and entrepreneurs. That means we'll go out of our way to offer completely customized business moving services for every phase of your project. Our friendly, helpful employees make you a priority and will minimize disruption to your daily activities.

Our office moving company charges based on volume, with all labor and dump fees included. We make the job easy for you; we'll arrive when we say we will within a two-hour window, complete with tools. Our team will ask you to specify what you need, and we'll do the job quickly so that you can go about your business. All you do is point and literally watch us do the heavy lifting.

Junk Command is a Twin Cities-based business with local roots and a desire to clean up. To learn more about business moving services in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN, contact us today by phone or via our online request form.